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NPC Ship

This ship is unobtainable and can only be used by NPCs.

This article describes an NPC boss ship. For the player ship with an identical appearance, see Obliterator.

The Decimator is an AI Kneall boss ship.


The Decimator is a large, powerful Alien ship that can be extremely dangerous if not handled carefully. This monstrosity of a Dreadnought has AA guns, making it well-equipped at destroying small and large targets alike. Though it deals immense damage towards both shield and hull, it is generally better at damaging hull, as most of its weapons are railguns, contains 8 Huge Torpedoes with a 200-second interval, and 8 Large Cannons.


This ship's firepower leans more on hull damage, so use a shield-based ship such as the Judgement, or a tank such as the Prometheus.

There is a large weak spot behind the ship where little firepower (or no firepower against small ships) is at use. A powerful and agile capital ship such as the Leviathan can exploit this weakness to deal heavy damage to a Decimator, while a small ship such as the Aeaphiel can exploit this weakness without getting hit if the Decimator is undefended.

Avoid its spinals, the Decimator's spinals make up the bulk of its damage at a whopping 500 DPS. This can be done by warping and staying behind it.

You may also try brute-forcing the kill, but in order to do that, you would need a ship with incredible firepower and health, such as a Supercapital.

Luring it to a starbase can work, but even maxed out starbases struggle to take down a Decimator, especially due to the 200 second interval Huge Torpedoes. Waiting for the starbase to hull it, then finishing it off, is an effective strategy to minimize risk to yourself.

There is a humongous weakness in its code, which is that it normally goes in your opposite direction while you attack it. this means that it blocks all of its turrets except 2 small cannons in the back. ( In fact, the Obliterator can kill it without being hulled.)

It spawns every 120 minutes. (Spawns even in 1 player servers and VIP servers) - TESTED AND CONFIRMED 2/8/2022


The wreck of a Decimator contains 550 Alien Parts and 8 Plasma Batteries.

Version History

  • Spawns disabled during parts of the 2021 Fourth of July Event (.72e).
  • Gained 8 Huge Torpedoes with a 200-second interval in version .73c10.
  • HP buff 7500/5750 -> 8500/7000, gained Kneall Autolaser and 8 Large Cannons, drops 8 Plasma Batteries now, and Cr increase due to buff. (.75a8)


  • Is capable of decimating ships and starbases alike with the aid of a fleet.
  • Was originally hinted in the Judgement's description
  • The second AI boss ship to not be added during an event (After Kodiak).
  • Has a similar ship icon to the Rift Guardian and Rift Custodian.
  • It will always answer Punisher's call when the Punisher is present.
  • This ship has the highest spinal interval, coming at an insanely high 200 second interval from the 8 Huge Torpedoes, even though the spinal dps is literally 411.