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The Carvainir is a Battleship designed for looting shipwrecks.


The Carvainir is a Freighter-like Battleship armed with Turrets. This ship has average speed, and a good amount of hit-points and cargo space for its class.  


The ship docks with the front of the ship facing the terminal. Players can walk forward through the entrance door to find a large lobby filled with detail. On the left and right of the entrance are two signs with quotes on them. The quotes are: "Five letter word for happiness? "Money" and "We shall not refuse our guests even the most ridiculous request." When you walk forward you will see three walkways; the one in front leads to a tall ladder that goes up to the pilot's seat, the one on the right leads to a meeting room with a table and some chairs, and the one to the left leads to a small office room with some desks and chairs in it. If you jump off the main path, you will find a large workspace with a hologram that stretches around the entire area, with lots of office chairs around it. Finally, there is a huge hologram-orb in the center that looks like a power core of some sort.

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  • Incredibly vulnerable to swarming, it lacks any sort of good defense against smaller ships which are able easily maneuver into close range and cause issues with turret line of sight; on top of very sluggish maneuverability.
  • Turret mounting on the ship means that at least 1-2 of the 8 turrets will never be able to fire at a single target at any time due to line of sight issues (or otherwise roll the ship to an awkward and difficult to maintain narrow angle, where either the left or right of the ship is directly facing the target). Combined with the ship's already very poor firepower, it makes for what is practically an armored pinata with only a peashooter for self-defense.
  • When facing enemies frontally, only a few turrets will be capable of engaging.
  • Poor at combat against other ships of its class.
  • Rather large, making it easier for Spinals and Turrets to hit.


  • Warp to the wreck you wish to loot. If there is an enemy, quickly fire at them, but focus on getting the loot. Warp out once you get it.
  • Do not engage on Dreadnoughts or Capital Ships if possible. Some Cruisers are even able to pose a significant threat if you have no support, not to mention how large of a target this ship is to most Stealth Ships; which are capable of easily destroying your ship.
  • Try not to trade using this ship.
  • Never use this to raid a base, as it lacks the firepower and is a big target.
  • Using the Turrets on the Carvanir, you can warp to the nearest Alien or Pirate and engage it. Once you destroy the target, you can easily loot it and move over to the next one. You can then sell that to the Mega Base for credits or transfer to warehouse. Keep in mind that the target can outrun you, warping to keep up with it is key to keep your turrets in range.
  • To get full turret line of sight, point the left or right of the ship directly towards the target. However, this is difficult to maintain and can easily result in several turrets losing line of sight if there are even slight deviations in angle towards the target.
  • Use this ship to bait Pirates at Mega Base and finish them off.

Version History


  • The Carvainir was the very first Freighter to have armaments.
  • One of the rarest ships in the game, as few people notice or use them, as well as it being much too expensive for most players.
  • Previously the first Battleship to require a VIP Gamepass.
  • The 2 Quotes on the walls of the first and current model are from Mr. Krabs in the cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants. The quotes are: "Five letter word for happiness? Money" and "We shall not refuse our guests even the most ridiculous request."
  • The name 'Carvainir' was provided by farterbotz the ex-Shipmaster. It was submitted as 'Caravan'.
  • The Carvainir was the only freighter to have Spinals.
  • The Carvainir was once one of the four freighters to have Turrets, with the other being the Constellation, the Patriotic Hercules and the C Class.
  • It used to have the most powerful weapons in its class.
  • The Carvainir is currently unobtainable in Galaxy Arcade as it's off the build menu
  • Infobox on the right shows Carvainir's old models: