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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

The M Class was a very specialized Miner and physically was one of the largest ships in Galaxy.


The M Class was a very large Miner that was added in .60d. It came equipped with 2 of its unique M Class Mining Lasers, 6000 Ore Hold, and 400 Cargo Hold. It had a high amount of Hull but a low amount of Shields, making it vulnerable to Pirates. It also moved quite slowly when not in Warp. It took a minimum of 157 seconds to fill up its hold. It was very easy to obtain the Orca with this miner.


To enter the M Class, you must walk across the glowing path to the "door" teleporter. Upon walking on the teleporter, you will enter a large, mostly empty, room. There are lots of windows in front and around the seat in the middle, as well as a hologram, stating: "All systems Online". If you jump through the "door" right next to the teleporter, you will enter a secret room.


  • Great way of making money. It can make lots of credits if used in sync with the E Class.
  • Decent Hull.
  • Great turn speed for its size.
  • Large Cargo Hold for a Miner.
  • Decently high explosion value for its cost at 160 (or 1.6k explosion radius; and 6.4k explosion damage at the epicenter).
  • Relatively decent top speed for a ship of its size.
  • Most Aliens deal mostly Shield damage, which is useful considering this ship has terrible shield health but high Hull health.


  • Incredibly low health compared to its size.
  • Slow top speed.
  • Huge size makes it a prime target, even from far away.
  • Quite expensive.
  • Cannot mine at a distance; the ore must be inside the "mouth" of the ship. In other words, it has the shortest mining range.
  • A jackpot for Pirates, especially ships with a large Cargo Hold.
  • Aliens often target Miners.
  • It has a hard time docking when there are two M-Classes, they can't dock next to each other, and you have to move so your auto dock actually docks.
  • Prevents people on the same faction from attacking the enemy-captured Derelict Station or Freedom Base if inside the "Mouth" of the M Class.
  • Due to the size and maneuverability along with the not too ideal overall health, the M Class is very prone to being pirated and easily destroyed by even smaller ships like the Aeaphiel or a couple of Centurions; do not take unnecessary risks by mining far away from the nearest base/planet you can dock at, where there is a considerable risk that other players may declare a surprise war on your team, leaving you with little opportunity to escape and de-spawn in time.


  • Drive over an Ores, stop, and mine away.
  • Don't mine at War. If you do, check the chat and Minimap every 15–30 seconds.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings. You will be a massive target.
  • If you're being chased, warp towards a strong Starbase owned by your faction. The Turrets on a strong base often ward off attacking ships. Failure to warp to a Starbase or the Mega Base will most likely result in destruction.
  • Try not to do things while Mining. The ship will mine a full-size Ores chunk in about 20 seconds.
  • Due to the recent Miner cost nerfs, this ship is a somewhat viable nuking ship in terms of cost-effectiveness. Don't try to nuke anything that has a sizeable amount of Shield HP, though.

Version History

  • Received a nerf in .60d that reduced this ship's Mining Lasers by 2, Hull by 500, Cargo Hold By 50, Ore Hold by 1750, and ship cost by around $80K
  • Received a nerf in an unknown version that added transparent plates to the front and back, obstructing line-of-sight outside of the "mining hole" to prevent the Mining Lasers from Mining outside of the ship.
  • Received a massive buff in .61e4 that doubled its health and added some damage resistance.
  • Received a buff in .61h1 that replaced its 4 Medium Mining Lasers with 2 Large Mining Lasers. It was also made cheaper.
  • Explosion range decreased from 150 to 110 in .65b.
  • Remodeled in version .66b and added with 2 M Class mining lasers.
  • Remodeled in version .67c.
  • Model upscaled significantly, 2 M Class Mining Lasers changed to 4 M Class Mining Lasers, and Ore Hold increased from 4000 to 6000 in version .74b14(?).
  • Loses 2 out of its 4 M Class Mining Lasers, however it's damage output nearly doubled, going from 105 to 198 damage in version .75a10.


  • While docked, the old M Class model blocked large ships from docking next to it, earning it the nickname "Dock-Blocking Device" or "DBD".
  • The first Miner in the game that requires ores to be mined inside the ship.
  • The M Class originally had 8 Medium Mining Lasers in its testing phase, cost over 400K, had 12K ore hold and required twice the materials necessary to build the Ghoul Nyx.
  • The M Class was originally called The Spinach.
  • The M Class is a joke to most players, often being called things like “Meme Class” and “Microwave Class”.
  • There are multiple cat decals all over the ship. One can be found under the entrance bridge and another hiding in the interior on the doorway.
  • At the time of its addition, the M Class was one of just 3 Miners to have Warp, aside from the Mammoth and Harvester. The former, however, was VIP exclusive and the latter was cheap and made little money, making it special as the only large, non-VIP Miner to have Warp before .61h. After .61h however, all Miners were given Warp, mitigating this special advantage.
  • It often earns over 6K credits per mining run with a full Ores hold.
  • The M Class was the first Miner to ever have Large Mining Lasers.
  • Was tied with the Patriotic Rorqual for fastest Miner until the Galaxy was added.
  • Used to be the most targeted Miner for Pirates due to its size and speed until the warp update.
  • Earns 1 Million credits after ~7.2 hours of mining (excluding loyalty curve and non-productive time)
  • Players constantly debate whether the M Class or Rorqual is the better miner. In these debates, the Rorqual usually wins due to its larger ore hold, higher combined HP, the fact that it can mine three asteroids at a time, and it doesn't require the player to constantly move around. The M Class does however mine ore faster due to its large mining lasers, but as it also has 500 less ore hold, it makes less money per ore dump.
  • The M Class used to be able to fit the model of Myriad III inside of it.
  • One of the biggest ships in the game.
  • It's older model looked like a Bolt
  • The M Class stands for Miner Class, as it's the fitting name for this ship.
  • Before .68b update, it was able to "eat" Lvl. 1 to 4 Starbases, due to their simple and small model. It was able to nuke these bases easier, however it is able to "eat" Derelict Station and Freedom Base.
  • Has a secret room behind the door next to the teleporter. The Santa's Workshop also contains this secret.