Santa's Workshop

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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

The Santa's Workshop is a large reskin of the Miner-class M Class added during the 2020 Christmas Event.


The Santa's Workshop is a reskin and buffed variant of the M Class which was released in part 2 of the 2020 Christmas Event, and then re-released in part 1 of the 2021 Christmas Event.


The Santa's Workshop shares its interior with the M Class, except for some color changes and a Christmas tree.


  • Can mine entire Ores extremely fast with its 5 M Class Mining Lasers.
  • Great turn speed for its size.
  • Large Cargo Hold for a Miner.
  • Makes 6K credits in 1 run with 6% Loyalty. (If you are skilled with warping, 1 run takes around 6 minutes.)
  • 2nd-best refundable miner in the game, with the Woolly Mammoth being 1st.
  • Has more health than its non-limited variant, allowing it to survive longer against pirates and aliens.


  • Huge size makes it a prime target, even from far away.
  • Cannot mine at a distance; the ore must be inside the "mouth" of the ship.
  • A jackpot for Pirates, especially ships with a large Cargo Hold.
  • Aliens often target Miners.
  • It has a hard time docking when there are two Santa's Workshops, as they can't dock next to each other, and you have to move so your auto dock actually docks.
  • Prevents people on the same faction from attacking the enemy's starbase if inside the "Mouth" of the Santa's Workshop (such use may break rules).
  • Very expensive, being more than quintuple the cost of a regular M Class; it also costs 100 snowflakes, which can take a while to get.
  • In a test against the Orca, it made money overall about 90% as fast as orca did. This is due to needing to have ores inside the Ship.


  • Drive over an Ores, stop, and mine away.
  • Don't mine at War.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings. You will be a massive target.
  • If you're being chased, warp towards a strong Starbase owned by your faction. The Turrets on a strong base often ward off attacking ships. Failure to warp to a Starbase or the Mega Base will most likely result in destruction.
  • Try not to become distracted while Mining. The ship will mine a full-size Ores chunk in about 20 seconds.

Version History

  • Shields increased from 1000 to 4000, Hull reduced from 3000 to 2500, Ore Hold increased from 4500 to 6500 and size increased in version .70a.
  • Top Speed buffed to 70 and Ore Hold reverted to 4500 to meet ship refund requirements.
  • Model upscaled, Top Speed increased from 72 to 150, Turn Speed increased from 0.5 to 0.6, mining armament changed from 3 M Class Mining Lasers to 5 M Class Mining Lasers, and Ore Hold increased from 6000 to 8000 in version .74b14(?).
  • Shields reduced from 4,000 to 3,000 and Hull increased from 2,500 to 4,000 in version .75a10.


  • This ship was re-introduced during the 2021 Christmas Event.
  • Most consider this ship to not be worth getting, as it's time-consuming to gather snowflakes, has a mediocre design, and has very low utility if one already owns a better miner.
  • If you time it correctly, the Workshop can get stuck in any solid object, including ores.
  • Despite it being mentioned that the ore hold was increased to 6500, it was actually increased to 7000.
  • There is a hidden room in the Santa's Workshop located behind the door next to the inner teleporter (Discovered by lord1of2coaos).