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The Christmas 2021 Event was a limited event that was first released on galaxy servers on december 12/2021, the event was split into 3 parts; Christmas eve, Christmas day, and part 2. On christmas Eve Four ships were release: Santa's workshop, Toy Mega base, Christmas tree, and snowsturm along with a christmas themed Mega Base, during this time, players were able to ask admins for a free Coal wasp or Festive wasp. Like last year, snowflakes were looted from alien wrecks in order to build the limited ships. An ai starbase called Avellian Stronghold with scouts and ODP aliens, and Cranefly were also added. On Christmas day two unique new ships were added, Flea(alien scout) and Solstice(Cranefly) Part 2 of the christmas event arrived on december 28/2021, three new unique ships were added via quest; shadowmane as long as 2 new aliens; Advarsary and shadowstrike. Snowflake drainer quests were also added for refunding of snowflakes.

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