Christmas Mega Base

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The Christmas Mega Base is a limited reskin of the Mega Base that has appeared during the past four Christmas Events.

Description - 2020

The latest Christmas Mega Base is similar to older Mega Base remodels, being practically identical on the outside to the 2018 remodel.

Description - 2019

The Christmas Mega Base received its most ambitious remodel to date during the 2019 Christmas Event. It also appeared to have gained significantly more health, now clocking in at "1e22" in both Shield and Hull.

Description - 2018

The Christmas Mega Base made a reappearance during the 2018 Christmas Event. It had similar coloring and style to the original design, with more of the changes appearing on the inside rather than the outside.

Description - 2017

The Christmas Mega Base was first added during the 2017 Christmas Event. The Christmas Mega Base plays Christmas music instead of the normal Mega Base sounds. It started December 15th. The music that was played at the Christmas Mega Base is called "O Christmas Tree".