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Stealth Ship

This ship is a Stealth Ship. It is an extremely fast, low health ship that has stealth technology, making the ship appear transparent and its icon invisible on the minimap.

Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

The SR-71 is an extremely fast Limited Stealth Dreadnought released during the Fourth of July 2022 event.


The SR-71 is a Stealth Ship heavily armed with Medium Torpedoes, and possesses incredible maneuverability.

This ship excels at diving Ships with it's high alpha and long range, as well as being excellent in Sieging for the same reasons. This ship can easily escape any dangerous situation with it's speed and stealth, with it being invisible on the Minimap.


Note that the true color of the SR-71 is not what is depicted at the images and is just the background color of the planet Myriad III. The SR-71 is fully transparent as shown in the trails picture.

The SR-71 looks largely similar to its real-life counterpart, the SR-71 "Blackbird," with a thin, tapered fighter jet-like frame, with an antenna on the tip of the nose. Two large turbines are integrated into its wings, with vertical stabilizers rising from the end of each engine. The front of the turbines are capped by inlet spikes, while the rear emits a trail effect, somewhat negating this ship's stealthiness.

The Interior has a small cockpit where the player sits, with two small pilots' seats and a graphic showing an "ICEE" polar bear and a poorly-drawn rubber duck wearing a tophat, button-down shirt, and bowtie.


  • The holy grail of spinal firepower compared to all other ships of its class; It packs a serious punch.
  • Very high hull damage output with the Medium Torpedoes on top of a 10,000 stud range.
  • Incredible maneuverability allows it to be capable of evading even point defense turrets, and can make it difficult to hit the ship with spinals.
  • Extremely High alpha damage makes it incredible for stealing kills from crippled ships.
  • Excellent for sieging starbases of any level, assuming that it's not being protected.


  • Lowest health out of all dreadnoughts.
  • Mediocre shield damage output compared to hull damage output.
  • Medium Torpedoes are somewhat slow, which can make it difficult to lead moving targets.
  • Poor spinal firing arcs caused by the Torpedoes being far apart from the center.
  • Limited classification, high price, and somewhat large frame make it a prime target.
  • Vulnerable to swarming due to complete lack of point defense armament and non-ideal spinal placement.


  • Even with your incredibly high speed, be wary of ships like the Zeus, Tempest, Loyalist, and Ampharos that are equipped with a heavy armament of point-defense turrets with the accuracy to do significant damage if you get too close to them.
  • Extremely effective in Sieges as all of its weapons can out-range Starbases and the ship can dodge most incoming firepower even at a close distance.
  • Do not use this alone. However, if you do; take advantage of your stealth as much as possible to avoid being destroyed.
  • Avoid attempting to engage small enemy ships, as the spinal placement is not suitable for that.
  • Pay attention and check the Minimap often to make sure you're not about to be ambushed. Your relatively low health means you must always avoid damage.
  • Use the high firepower on this ship to assault and chase down vulnerable or isolated capital ships.
  • Do not wait until the ship shields are down to start retreating, because even with your stealth and speed; being hulled can prove to be a death sentence. Whenever you must make an escape from combat however, warp far into empty space (but not near the map borders) to make your position unpredictable to any enemies that may try to chase you. Note that this strategy may not work well if there is a spy on your team.


The SR-71 could be obtained via the Quest #20220701 Something Special, during the Fourth of July 2022 event.

Version History


  • Based off its real-life counterpart, the SR-71 Blackbird.
  • Was made for the admin Rapidofast due to his love of the real life plane.
  • The first SR-71 destroyed in-game was ebal_ex's, destroyed from the explosion of IzzymichChooCHoo's Oblivion.
  • In real life, the SR-71 was never armed, instead, the armed version was the variant of the SR-71: The YF-12.