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The Argosy is a hull-tanked Destroyer which focuses on dealing hull damage.


It is armed with two Light Lasers and four Small Cannons. With this, the Argosy is able to deal a good amount of hull damage.


The Interior of the Argosy is that of a hallway leading from the back of the ship to the front of the ship that has the pilot seat and a windshield to look out of. In the hallway is somewhere to sit and a set of bunk beds.


  • Very high hull health for its class.
  • Good amount of hull damage output.
  • Cheap.


  • Almost non-existent shields.
  • Turrets are highly obstructed, and have very small firing arcs
  • Slow speed for a destroyer, even below average for frigates
  • Does considerably less shield damage compared to hull.
  • Weak against anything above a destroyer.


  • Works very well when paired with a ship with good shield damage output, such as the Cobra.
  • Great for attacking ships within base range, as losing it isn't much of a problem due to the very low cost.
  • The low cost of this ship, coupled with versatile armament, make it a dream come true for a swarm ship.
  • The versatile armament of this ship coupled with its low price makes this ship an ideal Pirate vessel.
  • Shield damage is somewhat lacking even with the Light Lasers. It is extremely slow for a Destroyer, even some Battleships will move faster. It has almost non-existent shields, but the highest amount of hull in its class, making it very effective against ships that primarily deal shield damage.
  • Diving bases wouldn't be the smartest idea, as bases could hit turrets easier with your slow speed.
  • If aligned correctly, the lasers can break through shields, then the cannons can finish the hull.


  • Has similar features to the old Archeon model.
  • The model itself reportedly hasn't been changed or remodeled since alpha, making it one of if not the oldest model and/or the least touched model in the game.