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The Banshee is a Spinal-based Cruiser.


The Banshee is a well armed, spinal based Cruiser.


The Banshee's interior is quite basic, being a simple green orb at the center of the ship containing the pilot's seat.


  • Small size.
  • High damage.
  • Balanced shield and hull damage.
  • High speed and acceleration.



  • Use this ship in swarms of 4-5.
  • Use this ship against bigger ships that lack the weaponry to target smaller ships.
  • Like the Spectre, it's best use is as a chaser. (Hunting down stray Miners and Freighters)

Version History

  • Added in .64f.
  • Nerfed in .65a, having its top speed reduced to 140 from 160 and having it's turn speed reduced to 0.18 from 0.5, as well as spinal down-sizing.
  • Turn-speed buffed from 0.29 to 0.4 in version .66b.
  • 8 Small Phasers upclassed to 8 Tiny Phasers in version .75a5.
  • Reworked in an unknown version.


  • 2nd ship to be of alien origin.
  • No team color.
  • Used a particle effect created by FangABXY to create its unique engine particles.
  • The Banshee has a limited time counterpart, the Dullahan.