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The Ibis is a cheap and well-armed Destroyer commonly seen in Galaxy.


The Ibis is a very small Destroyer and one of the cheapest ships in its class. It looks almost comical due to the numerous Turrets mounted on its small frame.


The interior is compact but detailed with the main control seat and a raised secondary seat in the back.


  • Lots of Turrets for its class and size.
  • Extremely cheap.
  • Deals high hull damage.
  • Good support ship against small vessels.
  • Great against Swarmers.


  • Low shield damage.
  • Poor turn speed.
  • Low top speed for its class.
  • Lacks Spinals.
  • Very short range.
  • Can't significantly damage Battleships or higher classes.


  • Generally used take out Frigates or other Destroyers, as its small turrets don't deal much damage to larger ships.
  • Keep your opponent on your right side so that the Gatling Laser has a clear line of sight. Otherwise, you'll have an even harder time breaking their shield.
  • Great ship for swarms, due to its very low cost and high accuracy.

Version History


  • The first model's design was directly copied from a ship of the same name in EVE Online.
  • Enter the code "SPACE" to get a free Ibis (if you have an Ibis, the code will not work, and can't be used again later on). This code no longer gives an Ibis.
  • Back in beta, if you killed it you'd receive 54 bounty.