Preos Adult

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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

The Preos Adult is the final stage of the Preos Egg's evolution questline, added in the Halloween Event 2021. It resembles the Plagued Preos Adult boss, which was required to be killed in order to make this ship.


The Preos Adult is a dreadnought that is the largest of the playable Preos ships. Being an evolution of the younger stages of the ship, it shares design traits and turrets with all of them.


The interior is identical to the interiors of the previous Preos ships: a purple sphere with a holographic teleporter and seat.


  • High health.
  • Very high damage to hull.
  • Extremely fast for its class.
  • Smaller in length than most other dreadnoughts.
  • Large cargo hold.


  • Requires good spinal aim for effective shield breaking.
  • Turrets are not very accurate.
  • Despite its short length, it is rather large, making it a big target.
  • Spinals have awful placement, being very far from each other, which makes it very hard to shoot ships smaller than a dreadnought.
  • Limited, making it a large target.


  • Never use this ship alone. Fly in fleets with ships you are confident will be targeted before you. Never tank for your fleet.
  • Stay away from ships that are primarily spinal based, as they can hit the ship's large body with ease.
  • Avoid smaller ships, as your inaccurate turrets will be unable to hit them.
  • Pair up with a shield-breaker to maximize your combat effectivity.

Version History

  • Spinals moved towards the center .75a12
  • Removed in version .75a37


  • The first person to lose the Preos Adult was tremblayw1, coincidentally to the Plagued Preos Adult boss.