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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

The Viking is a Limited Event reskin of the Centurion.


The Viking is a Limited Event ship for the Christmas 2017 Event which was modeled after the Centurion. The outside is an ice-blue color with many blue ice shards protruding from various parts of the ship. (Has a nice beard as well).


The interior is the old Centurion interior but blue and icy.


  • High hull damage.
  • It has a Medium Torpedo for sieges and that can do high damage.
  • Turret placement ensures no blind spots.
  • It has very high health for a Destroyer class ship.


  • Very slow for a Destroyer-class.
  • Torpedo is difficult to aim.
  • Low Shield damage.
  • Expensive for a Destroyer.


  • Fire Torpedoes from outside of the base range. Medium-sized Torpedoes can hit from a range of 10000.
  • Useful in fleets for helping to destroy bases and ships.
  • Chase down hulled ships and use your high-damage Spinals and Turrets to finish them off.

Version History

  • Shortly after .60 was released, this ship got a remodel.
  • ".61+" saw the replacement of 2 of the 4 Light Flak Cannons with 2 Light Cannons.
  • Buffed in .64f to have a total of 4 Light Cannons and replaced Light Flak Cannons with 2 Medium Flak Cannons.


  • This ship was made for the Christmas Event 2017.
  • The name Viking may be attributed to the offense-oriented design of the ship.
  • Vikings were warriors from Scandinavia that are best known for arriving in slim boats with carved figureheads and wreaking havoc across Europe.
  • For a limited period of time after the Christmas Event 2017, the ship was able to be built for nearly half of its original value (the reason for this remains unknown).