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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

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The Astaroth is a precursor Battlecruiser that is part of the Halloween Event 2019.


Astaroth is the cheapest Halloween Event 2019 Ship available in the market. It is a powerful precursor ship, despite being rather small.


You enter to a teleport and takes you to a seat with a 3D holographic table with a mini Astaroth with a Holographic text saying "PROPHET ASTAROTH ONLINE"


  • High DPS for a Battlecruiser.
  • Fast and maneuverable.
  • Rather small and low profile makes it hard to hit with Spinals.
  • Turrets do a high amount of damage and have a good reload speed.
  • Spinal cooldown is fast.
  • Good spinals for a Battlecruiser.


  • Will be hunted, due to it being a limited ship.
  • Somewhat expensive for a Battlecruiser, nearly the same cost of an MRLS Launcher.
  • Requires good spinal aim for high damage output.
  • Low health for an event ship.


  • Due to its low health, it is preferable to use in swarms.
  • Use it in hit and run sessions, occasionally annoying other players with your high damaging Spinals.

Version History

  • Added during the Halloween Event 2019 in version .66b.
  • 2 Precursor Lasers changed to 2 Medium Lasers in version .71b.
  • 2 Medium Lasers changed to 2 Precursor lasers and 1 cannon and phaser spinals given in version .72c20.


  • The first person to lose this ship was heartzhacker to Galacticsky3782's Azreal.
  • Has a green spiral wave in the front where spinals come out.
  • Is very similar to Razor Wing in terms of turrets and spinals.
  • Has the same turret design as the Disruptor.