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The Bruiser Part is an Event Item used as a material for making the Annihilator Blueprint, which is crafted via a quest during the Kneall Event. After the Kneall Event, it was used to trade in for credits.

The Devastator drops 100 Bruiser Parts per wreck, while the Bruiser drops 1 Bruiser Part per wreck.


The list of Quests where the Bruiser Part is used.

Reverse Engineering

Bruiser Parts, 200

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Requires: 200 Bruiser Parts. Reward: 165000 Credits.

"Bruiser Parts" is the NPC Quest-giver for Quest #20202601.


[Bruiser Parts]: [STARTING]

[Player]: ...

[Bruiser Parts]: [BRUISER PARTS: 200]

[Player]: ...

[Bruiser Parts]: [REWARD: 165000 CREDITS]

[Player]: Ok.

[Bruiser Parts]: Send Payment.

Quest #20202601 "Bruiser Parts, 200" is given.

When speaking with Bruiser Parts again

[Bruiser Parts]: Have you sent the payment?

[Player]: Yes.

[Bruiser Parts]: ...

If player has the required items, they will receive 165000 Credits as a reward.


  • One of the only Event Items which can still be obtained and used after its respective event.