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The Dropship is a hull-breaking transport Destroyer, being one of the few ships to change classes.


The Dropship is a Destroyer that carries up to 9 players and has high hull damage. It has a unique set of wings on the top with holes for thrusts.


The back of the Dropship has two large benches, which don't work at the moment. The cockpit has a small pilot's seat and a tiny neon screen in front.


  • Decent cargo hold.
  • Good for beginners, as it's highly disposable.
  • Can be threatening to crippled ships and hull tanks like the Cutlass.
  • Carries up to 9 players.


  • Ineffective against shields.
  • Low overall firepower.
  • Slow and large for it's class.
  • Slower than most Destroyers, most Cruisers, some battlecruisers, some battleships, 2 dreadnoughts, and the Vanguard.


  • Use the 6 tiny cannons to deal heavy damage to unsuspecting hulled ships.
  • Use this to transport players to Carriers such as the Nimitz or other bases and planets.

Version History

  • Received a remodel in version .61h.
  • Shields and Hull increased to 950 and 750, top speed reduced to 115, acceleration reduced to 25, Spinals changed to 6 Tiny Cannons, upclassed from Frigate to Destroyer, and received another remodel in version .73a3.


  • The Dropship has more seats than any other Destroyer in the game currently.
  • The passenger seats on the Dropship are currently broken.