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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

The Herald is a stronger variant of the Harbinger, which used to spawn in the Prometheus.


The Herald is literally a Harbinger with more health (and medium phasers instead of small phasers).


The interior is the same as the Harbinger, obviously.


  • Able to effectively engage in combat with both large and small ships due to its variety of weapons.
  • Great firepower when Spinals are used to best ability.
  • Massive health compared to most Fighters, at a whopping 6000 total health.
  • Very powerful when paired with the Harbingers.


  • No Warp Drive, meaning it must be released and deployed by the carrier pilot close to the intended target.
  • Slower and less maneuverable than most Fighters.
  • Low turn speed for a Fighter.
  • Only one spawned in the Prometheus at the time.


Version History

  • Added in an unknown version, replacing one of the Harbingers in the Prometheus (only revealed in-game).
  • Shields/Hull increased from 2800 to 3000, 4 Small Phasers changed to 4 Medium Phasers in version .74b14 (only revealed in-game).
  • Replaced by another Harbinger in version .75a5, this ship can not be found on any ship anymore.


  • Surprisingly, the ship has not actually been removed from the game, however it cannot appear anywhere. Whether it will return is unknown.