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The Harbinger is a large Fighter spawned by the Prometheus.


The Harbinger is a Battlecruiser/Fighter hybrid that is carried by the Prometheus.


The interior is simple, with a teleporter pad that takes you into a room that has a carpet and a few screens as well as the pilot seat. The interior of the Harbinger is the same as the Marauder's.


  • Able to effectively engage in combat with both large and small ships due to its variety of weapons.
  • Great firepower when Spinals are used to best ability.
  • Massive health compared to most Fighters.
  • Massive firepower for a Fighter and very effective if all Fighters are launched together.



  • Support your fleet or Carrier with these Battlecruiser-Fighter hybrids. You can easily destroy Super Capital Ships when used along with the Prometheus
  • Stay with the Prometheus and help defend it or help engage other targets. When all Fighters are used alongside the carrier, they form a very formidable sub-fleet (squadron).  

Version History 

  • Added in version .66b along with the Prometheus.
  • Max Speed increased from 115 to 140, Turn speed increased from 0.3 to 0.39, and Acceleration increased from 20 to 30 in version .72f1.


  • Has 500 more health than the Marauder.    
  • The fighter is unique to its carrier, the Prometheus.    
  • The Harbinger is the only fighter to have a true interior and a teleporter.