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Admin-Only Ship

This ship is classified as an Admin Ship and can only be used by Galaxy Staff.
This ship class is unobtainable and can only be given via the :addship command.

The Key2 is a small, weak Admin ship modeled after the Kneall Scout.


The Key2 is a Admin Ship. On its own, it is definitely the worst Admin Ship out there, but it is needed for two admin-only quests that are used to spawn the Kneall Prototype and the Pleb's Kodiak.


The Key2 has no interior.


  • High damage resistance. (90%)


  • Has no weapons.
  • Terrible speed for an admin ship.
  • Terrible turnspeed for an admin ship.
  • Low health for an admin ship.


  • In order to use this ship for the admin-only quests, you must spawn a Y.Part() and find a hidden teleporter located on the ship. You will then be teleported to a baseplate with 6 screens. Currently there are only 3 quests there - Admin Quest 1 spawns two UNE Sovereign-Xs (currently broken), Admin Quest 2 spawns a Kneall Prototype, and Admin Quest 3 spawns a Pleb's Kodiak. The only way to complete the quests is by exchanging a Key2 along with another one of the Keys.
  • One of the worst admin ships out there, and it would be completely useless if it weren't for the admin quests.
  • Shares its model with Key, Key1, and Key3.