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The Raven is a beginner's Frigate and the cheapest combat ship currently available.


The Raven is a fast and maneuverable Frigate that can distract and out-maneuver larger ships, getting into their blind spots. Its major weakness is its low durability, preventing it from fighting alone for extended periods of time.


The Raven has a detailed pilot's seat with cushions the color of the player's faction. In front of the seat is a control wheel and a radar/display screen. The right side of the cockpit also has a few buttons and a decal left by the creator.


  • Decent Spinal DPS.
  • A solid ship for beginners.
  • Fantastic for scouting due to its small size, disposable cost and basic functionality.
  • Sometimes under-estimated by new players using larger ships, possibly ending with a quick comeuppance for the overconfident.


  • Low amount of health.
  • Hard to aim Spinals, unless you're fighting slow or large targets.
  • Low damage output.
  • Despite the Raven's description saying it's a fast agile ship, it's actually among the slowest Frigates in both top speed and turn speed.


  • Use it to distract Starbase Turrets and counter enemy Fighters.
  • Fly into large ships' blind spots and slowly deal damage.
  • Avoid anything that has a Turret pointed at you, especially if the turret is high-accuracy (Flak Cannons, Point Defense Lasers, etc.)
  • Staying at Top Speed is critical to limiting damage.

Version History

  • Light Turret removed in some part of version .61 or .62.
  • Received a remodel decreasing its size and altering its appearance in version .61g. A minor buff soon followed, adding its Light Flak Cannon.


  • The Raven is currently the smallest and cheapest purchasable combat ship in the game.
  • One of the most common starter ships.
  • The Pilots feet pop out the bottom of the Raven.
  • Some players will spam this ship. One player spent over 100k credits doing so.
    Old Raven Model