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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed.


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The Revenant is a Battleship added during the first part of the 2021 Halloween Event.


The Revenant is a small and fast battleship that shares design traits with the Halkaryak. It excels in shield-breaking, but lacks weaponry that can effectively damage hull.


The Interior appears to be gold in color has some kind of writing inside (Kneall language?).


  • One of the fastest battleships in the game.
  • Extremely high damage to shields.
  • Flat, making it hard for large, inaccurate turrets to hit.
  • Very small for its class.
  • Extremely powerful nuke, if using this ship as a kamikaze is your intention.


  • Relatively low total health for a battleship.
  • Lacks any sort of hull-based damage.
  • Small blindspot at the back of the ship.
  • Will be targeted due to it being a limited ship.


  • Plays more like a battlecruiser than a battleship.
  • Circle your target in confusing patterns, making it harder for them to hit you.
  • Use in a swarm with other Revenants and Valkeracs to create a truly terrifying storm of shield-obliteration.

Version History

  • Souls required reduced from 150 to 100, accidentally moved into the limited build menu (with a Class D Permit) in version .74a9. Shortly moved back to the normal build menu, as its respective event was not over.


  • Has its own unique ambience, which is notorious for being extremely loud and annoying.
  • Used to have a bugged seat, which would sometimes prevent you from exiting. This was a reason for many Revenants being destroyed before it was fixed, as they could not leave the ship.