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Not to be confused with Bounty.


Score is the latest game mechanic to be added. Score is a good way to tell how much experience and play-time players have. You gain Score from killing Aliens, Mining, Trading, killing Fellow Players and so on. Therefore, players with higher Score have done more of these things and tend to be more experienced than lower Score players. Keep in mind that this is not always the case. Score saves, so when you leave and come back you will have the same Score as you had when you left. Score, unlike Bounty, cannot be lost, so there is no risk to your Score if you lose a ship.

A picture of the score tab in the player list
Score Leaderboard Top 10
Rank Player Score
1 lordmoneymonkey 220million+
2 GallantRonuken 1,120,000+
3 Speci1374 527,000+
4 xxErebus 500,000+
5 jeroenvdkamp 337,000+
6 Indecimation 303,000+
7 xUNEX6 285,700+
8 Rockwood1905 275,000+
9 MinisterKappa 137,694+
10 Envoy001 134,122+

As of 2/21/2019 this list is no longer being updated regularly by wiki staff.