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NPC Ship

This ship is unobtainable and can only be used by NPCs.

The Dragoon is a Pirate AI Frigate.


The Dragoon is a small, quick, and lightly-armed AI pirate ship that drops armor scraps, which are necessary to complete the quests Iron Forge and Scrap Collector.


  • The Dragoon will start heading towards a player if they are within 10k studs of the dragoon.
  • Periodically moves towards the player and may start to move away from the player if hulled.
  • The Dragoon will always answer a call from a Kodiak or Galleon when attacking a ship or base like alien Swarmers.
  • It can warp a short distance to close the gap within a player or base when attacking with a Kodiak or Galleon


Version History

  • Was accidentally released in version .73a3 in new servers under the name "Zagon" but was quickly removed
  • Loot was added following the introduction of Armor Scrap to the game in version .73c


  • Before getting taken off of the build menu, it was known as the "Zagon."
  • Its description is a reference to a 1983 song by Metallica titled "Seek and Destroy".
  • Extremely annoying