Gift Quests

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In the Christmas Event 2021, Part 2 contained new ships via quests.

These quests were:

- 210. The First Gift

- 211. The Second Gift

- 212. The Third Gift

The location of these quests are inside the 'chimney' (see pictures below) at Mega Base, go into it and jump up, you would be TP'ed to a pathway of 3 to the quests.

The First Gift would award Shadowmane (Battleship) for 350 Snowflakes and 125,000 Credits.

The Second Gift would award Mantid (Dreadnought) for 400 Snowflakes and 275,000 Credits

The Third Gift would award Khapri (Dreadnought) for 500 Snowflakes and 250,000 Credits

The ships stats are unknown, as always.


Christmas quests 2021.png

Christmas rooms.png

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