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The Ishkur is a Spinal-focused Frigate.


The Ishkur is a small Frigate. To enter, players simply jump into the black area inside of it. It has a decent health pool for its class and, like most Frigates, is only armed with Spinal weaponry.

The exterior design features a long pole that looks very similar to a weapon used for jousting. The shape of the cockpit area and the small handle-like attachment behind the pilot's seat mimics a horse saddle, further connecting the ship with the medieval competition of jousting.


The Ishkur has no interior. Almost the entire space that could be devoted to interior decoration is instead covered up by a dark black block that conceals the pilot.


  • Decent shield damage.
  • Cheap.
  • Fast.
  • Teaches newer players how to use Spinals more effectively.


  • Poor Hull damage.
  • Terrible Acceleration, having half the acceleration value of the E Class.
  • Slow Turn Speed.
  • No Turrets.
  • Spinals fire one after the other, making them hard to aim to hit fast targets.
  • Requires good spinal aim.


  • Useful for getting under Dreadnoughts and annoying them. Also decent for low loyalty Pirating.
  • High speed and decent health makes it effective in attacking many large ships.

Version History

  • The ship received a major nerf in .62d7 that lowered its Shield/Hull from 450/450 to 290/290. This change also lowered the explosive range from 45 to 2, although its explosive damage remains the same.


  • The model was loosely based off an EVE online ship of the same name.
  • The rear thrusters look like 4 legs.

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