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The Katana is an agile PvP Battleship that shares a model with the Plagued Warship.


A PvP Battleship, the Katana was made with high Shield and smaller turrets to allow for PvP accuracy. It shares its primary model shape with the Plagued Warship, with a set of four arced arms near the back of the ship and a wide but somewhat flat front that tapers to a somewhat more square point. Its turrets are largely top-mounted with a multitude of autocannons placed on orbiting platforms above the ship.


The Katana's interior is a small undecorated square with a teleporter, a normal chair with a keyboard in front of it, and a strangely drawn and spread-out rectangle.


  • Fast for a Battleship
  • Great Shield-breaker.
  • Agile for a battleship.
  • High Shield health.
  • The Katana's 7 Light Autocannons can take out small Ships very well.
  • Powerful Shield-breaking Spinals that fire in a "shotgun" pattern.
  • The "shotgun" Spinal pattern of the Katana makes it easier to aim spinals while dealing enormous damage in close combat.


  • Must be facing towards target to fire all Turrets.
  • Somewhat low Hull for a battleship.
  • Has trouble docking at certain points (Aqueous II and Christmas Mega Base docks A-D)
  • Requires Spinal aiming in order to deal effective Shield damage.
  • If you fight against a shield-breaker, you will be at a mediocre disadvantage.
  • Somewhat low maximum range if you exclude the Spinals.


  • This ship is great for Pirating. Warp to your target, kill it, and warp back.
  • Watch your health when using the Katana because you may need to warp out while still on Shield (~2000).
  • Try to use Katana more in a fleet than alone because of its low health.
  • If you are fighting against a small ship and you can't hit it with your spinals, do yourself a favor and warp away. Your turrets will take a while to hull the target.
  • This ship is a glass cannon, boasting an oppressive 239 combined DPS, with drawbacks such as a short effective range for turrets (4.5k studs) and a total health pool of 9150.
  • Use your spinals, as they boost your combined DPS from 122 to 239 (not including damage shield boosts or any other damage boosts)(DPS amount has been fixed.)
  • Don't take risks during war, especially if your warring a strong faction, as they can easily swarm and kill you.

Version History


  • The old model looks a lot like an undersized Prototype X-2.
  • The current model is the old Genesis model.