Kneall Harbor Master

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The Kneall Harbour Master is the quest giver NPC for Quest #6 – “Give Kneall Harbour Master 2 million credits for the Prototype X-2.” As made obvious by the quest title, the main function of the Kneall Harbour Master is to give players the Prototype X-2 through a quest it assigns. The Kneall Harbour Master has a similar appearance to the aliens found in the Mega Base's alien embassy.

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The Kneall Harbor Master can be found on the planet Aqueous II (level 3). A teleporter is located near a rock that spawns only if Aqueous II is at level 3 close to terminal D. Aqueous levels 1 and 2 contain alien characters that, if translated, reveal a more precise location.

Aqueous Alien Text.png

Quest Dialogue

Kneall Harbour Master: "I see you know the language of the Ancients."

Player: "Who are you?"

Kneall Harbour Master: "I am the [Kneall Harbour Master]*"

Player: "I've heard about your kind, you kill everyone."

Kneall Harbour Master: "Normally yes, but there are dire times and we are in need of money."

Player: "How so?"

Kneall Harbour Master: "One of our capital ships carrying valuable cargo never returned. // We've been unable to recover from the financial loss and everything has been slow around here. // Say, you want to pilot one of the best ships?"

Player: "I assume this is the prototype the text spoke of."

Kneall Harbour Master: "That's right, but constructing it is not cheap."

Player: "Well how much are we talking?"

Kneall Harbour Master: "The construction and my personal fee will set you back by 2,000,000 credits."

Player: "That's crazy!"

Kneall Harbour Master: "I'd say it's worth it, it's one of the most powerful ships in our fleet."

Player: "I'll get back to you when I have the money."

Kneall Harbour Master: "I'm glad to hear. You may be the first human that I can call a friend."

Quest #6 - "Prototype X-2 Quest" appears in Quest Menu

*Actual quest text says "KNEALL HarbourMaster."

"//" = new line / chatbox


  • According to the Aqueous translation, the quest giver is called the “harbour” master, as opposed to the common American spelling “Harbor,” without the letter U.
  • The harbour master's tale of an empire without funding could explain the lack of aliens spawning in the game for a few weeks at one point. However, the alien spawn rate issues have been confirmed as a bug in the game, and they were not canon.
  • While talking, another response you can say is "IT'S A KNEALL, RUN!!!".