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The Osprey is a Frigate class ship with decent cargo and overall firepower for its class.


The Osprey is rather large and powerful for a Frigate, but still manages decent top speed and maneuverability. It has two main thrusters connected to the back wings. The front also has two large phaser arrays, making the spinals easy to spot.


The interior of the Osprey is small, containing a bed, a chair with a computer, and a simple pilot's seat with faction colored padding. In front of the seat is a control panel with three main displays. The interior also has a decal left by the creator.


  • Good DPS.
  • Good mobility.
  • Decent cargo hold for a Frigate.
  • Exceptional Frigate turret firepower with its 8 tiny and small turrets.
  • Powerful against similar size ships


  • Very low health, even for a Frigate.
  • Relatively large size for a Frigate, making it easier to hit.
  • Without its Spinals, it has pitiful shield damage.
  • Not as good at countering large ships compared to other frigates
  • The most expensive frigate on the build menu.


  • Can be used as defence against Swarmers, Frigates, and Fighters.
  • Make sure to use your agility to your advantage and constantly move around to throw players off.

Version History


  • During Pre-Alpha, the Help button told you to start out by spawning an Osprey.
  • Looks similar to the Taipen from Galaxy On Fire 2.
  • Has 2 different limited versions, the Arctic Sparrow and the Patriotic Osprey.