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remove the collapsable headers

Smallketchup82 (talkcontribs)

i would do this but im tired from editing

for any editors that wish to take this, please remove the collapsible headers and make them non-collapsible. the current collapsible headers are not accessible to screen readers and may impact the experience of blind users. not to mention that its a bad practice

SeaswimmerTheFsh (talkcontribs)


Edit: I did not remove the collapsible headers, I just changed them to match MediaWiki's recommended standard, found here.

Shooter7620 (talkcontribs)

Note: This post is not a definitive guide for making money, nor should it be treated as such. See the Money Making page instead for an actual guide, this is simply satire.

1: You don't mine for credits beyond a certain point of financial capital (low to medium), as it becomes inefficient compared to destroying enemy AI ships for combat rewards and their loot. 2: Farm AI ships for combat reward and loot using your Starbase or a suitable ship (usually a Capital Ship, but smaller powerful ships also work). 3: Profit

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