U.N.E Harbor Master

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The U.N.E Harbor Master is the quest giver for Quest #5 - "Give U.N.E Harbor Master 2 million credits for the Prototype X-1." In the pre-quest dialogue, he explains that the Prototype X-1 is the largest and deadliest warship created to date, but he also states that the ship had been in production for a long time. The U.N.E Harbor Master no longer gives a quest for the Prototype X-1 and now is the dealer for the Weapon Part, which requires 30500 Uranium and 182500 Credits.

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The U.N.E Harbor Master is located in the Mega Base on the second floor of Terminal C.

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Quest Dialogue

U.N.E. Harbor Master: "Welcome to the U.N.E Recruiting Outpost, how [may]* I help you?"

Player: "What is this prototype ship rumor?"

U.N.E. Harbor Master: "Ah yes, that's our largest war vessel to date. Designed and constructed by me."

Player: "Would I be able to get one?"

U.N.E. Harbor Master: "If you had 2 million credits, sure."

Player: "That's a lot of credits..."

U.N.E. Harbor Master: "Do you have any idea how much time it takes to construct this type of ship?"

Player: "I'll get back to you when I have the money."

U.N.E. Harbor Master: "Good, I guess I'll get started on it's construction then."

("Quest #5 - Prototype X-1 Quest" appears in Quest Menu)

*actual dialogue says "many," not "may."


  • The quest dialogue bubble is broken in VIP servers, this is in the process of being fixed. Public servers are not affected by this.