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This ship is currently offsale due to glitches, remodeling, or other issues. Players that already own this ship may still use it, but no new ones can be built.

The Zodiac is an alien-like Cruiser that wields long-ranged turrets, decent spinal armament and is durable.


The Zodiac is a dark navy, box-like ship with blue neon lights outlining its features. It is the only regular build menu ship that requires Alien Parts to build, however has a strong loadout that also has surprisingly long range. It bears a strong aesthetic resemblance to precursor ships like the Astaroth and Azreal, while maintaining a style similar to conventional ships.


  • Turrets have long range of 6650 studs.
  • High alpha damage.
  • Very cheap, considering its strength.
  • Somewhat accurate turrets, especially against slower moving targets.
  • High total health pool.
  • Good damage to both hull and shield.
  • Decent speed.


  • Horrendous acceleration.
  • Hard to hit small ships from a long range.
  • Turrets have long reload time.
  • Main source of shield damage requires good spinal aim.


  • Plays much more like a battlecruiser than a cruiser.
  • Use in swarms against larger ships for greater damage.
  • Pair up with a shield-breaker to maximize your combat effectiveness.
  • Get to max speed before warping into a fight so you don't take damage while accelerating.
  • Take advantage of the long range on your turrets to keep out of the thick of firefights that could be hazardous to this ship.

Version History

  • No logged changes (?)


  • Has the Vanguard Coalition logo on the side of the engine.
  • The only non-limited/advanced cruiser to have custom turrets.
  • Due to the blue color scheme and precursor resemblance, the turret models are sometimes mistaken for the ones on the Azreal.