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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

The Zodiac is an alien-like Cruiser that wields long-ranged turrets, decent spinal armament and is durable.


The Zodiac is a dark navy, box-like ship with blue neon lights outlining its features. It is the only regular build menu ship that requires Alien Parts to build, however has a strong loadout that also has surprisingly long range. It bears a strong aesthetic resemblance to precursor ships like the Astaroth and Azreal, while maintaining a style similar to conventional ships.


  • Turrets have long range of 6650 studs.
  • High alpha damage.
  • Very cheap, considering its strength.
  • Somewhat accurate turrets, especially against slower moving targets.
  • High total health pool.
  • Good damage to both hull and shield.
  • Decent speed.


  • Horrendous acceleration.
  • Hard to hit small ships from a long range.
  • Turrets have long reload time.
  • Main source of shield damage requires good spinal aim.


  • Plays much more like a battlecruiser than a cruiser.
  • Use in swarms against larger ships for greater damage.
  • Pair up with a shield-breaker to maximize your combat effectiveness.
  • Get to max speed before warping into a fight so you don't take damage while accelerating.
  • Take advantage of the long range on your turrets to keep out of the thick of firefights that could be hazardous to this ship.

Version History

  • No logged changes (?)


  • Has the Vanguard Coalition logo on the side of the engine.
  • The only non-limited/advanced cruiser to have custom turrets.
  • Due to the blue color scheme and precursor resemblance, the turret models are sometimes mistaken for the ones on the Azreal.