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The Archangel is a Heavyweight Frigate class ship with high mobility and 2 Turrets.


The Archangel is a heavy frigate that is armed with 2 Light Flak Cannons on the top and bottom of the ship.


The interior of the Archangel is a small but detailed cockpit containing a nice looking pilot's seat, a hologram of the ship and some cabinets on the sides.


  • Very High mobility.
  • Decent for distracting a base during a siege.
  • Does lots of damage to hull.
  • Very cheap


  • Low health.
  • No Shield breaking weapons.
  • Rather slow Acceleration.
  • Outclassed by the superior Abyss


  • Use the ship's speed to dodge/distract Starbase long-range turrets during a siege.
  • Distract other ships during attacks, especially those around this ship's class.

Version History


  • Used in the featured teaser image on the Roblox game page, along with the Spectre and Warlock.
  • Common starter ship.
  • Well known for being very old.
  • The version of the Archangel added in-game on March 25th, 2017 [update version unsure] was an older build of the ship that was later replaced?
  • The old Archangel model had its name on the sides, with the left being most notable for having it in Japanese.
    Original Archangel Model