Blood Wing

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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

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The Blood Wing is a limited edition ship for the Halloween Event 2017.


The Blood Wing is quite known for its ability to take on huge ships, making it good for Pirating and Starbase defence. It is a reskin of the Razor Wing.


The same of the Razor Wing.

If you step in than you see a core and 6 small chairs

You walk to the left and than you see a black black pilot seat


  • Can easily take out a Dreadnought if the pilot is skilled enough.
  • Great positioning of its Turrets making them able to fire all at once.


  • Slow acceleration.
  • Vulnerable bottom.
  • Slow turn speed. 
  • Rare limited ship puts a huge target on your head. 
  • You can't get it back if you lose it.


  • You can shoot bigger ships with its ridiculously powerful Spinal weapons and shoot very small ships with its 4 Flak Cannons.
  • Utilise your high turn speed in order to exploit blind spots and unleash hell against your enemies. 

Version History

  • Received buffs in .60d that boosted Shields by 500 and Hull by 600.


  • The Blood Wing is a remodel of the Razor Wing costing 5x more.
  • It has better Turret placement than the Razor Wing.
  • It got a remodel.
  • It has an illuminati decal on the back of the ship.
  • Is also very similar to the Reaper.
  • When it first came out, it was red, white, and had a cape.
  • No matter what team you're on, the colour is always red.
  • The "razor" part of its Razor Wing reskin has been removed, making it symmetrical.
  • The Blood Wing model is based on the old Razor Wing model.
  • The Blood Wing still has the Razor Wing's older stats, having its 6 Medium Phasers and Medium Cannons along with its 4 Flak Cannons.
  • Was one of the Event ships that was put back on sale for the Black Friday sale.