Blue Torpedo Cult

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Blue Torpedo Cult

The Blue Torpedo Cult Is supposed to be a joke faction created for the "Blue Torpedo". It was founded on August 15, 2019, by the Founder, Frenzyy. Its Current Leader is Scrapduck14

As of 12/11/19 Blue Torpedo Cult expanded its faction both to starscape and galaxy, causing Frenzyy To be the overlord in the starscape division.

The Blue Torpedo Cult was a group created by Frenzyy because of the meme that started on Galaxy Discord called the "Blue Torpedo", a torpedo remodel submission which was created by Shadow134574. The discord server went up to 20 members in less than an hour. There were debates on the discord server talking about how to get the blue torpedo added in, but sadly, Blue Torp didn't make it to the 2nd level of voting due to the sheer amount of dislikes. Later on, Sean added in Blue Torp Wasp as a Limited time event ship that had two blue torpedoes mounted on the bottom. Everyone was happy.

List of Leaders

  • Scrapduck14 Former Blue Torpedo Guardian||Former Blue Torpedo Lord (Creator of blue torpedo wasp sounds)(Currently Overlord)
  • Lord_Pugsto Blue Torpedo Lord
  • Sean_MorabitoYT, Leader's right-hand man. [Lord]
  • Frenzyy FOUNDER, due to the excessive buying of debt tokens, he decided to quit Galaxy, since he hadn't the time to make money back to sell of his debt tokens (12 600 Debt Tokens) = [1,243,500 Credits] Although he is still counted as a leader of the cult, he still keeps and updates the server.[Ex Overlord|Founder|Owner]
  • spacefighterboss, stepped down as leader.

Memorable Blue Torp Wasp Kills

Blue Torpedo Cult's Blue Torp Wasp Deaths

  • Scrapduck14: Killed by Helios.


  • The Discord server has been raided 2 times.
  • As of 08/28/20 the Cult has descended into Anarchy and preserved as a historical artifact of the cult.
  • As of 06/07/22 The Blue Torpedo Cult Discord server still exists.