Blue Torp Wasp

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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

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The Blue Torp Wasp is a small Frigate built by The Blue Torpedo Cult. It is an armored Wasp with 2 Unique Torpedoes.


The Blue Torp Wasp is a small Frigate. It has two small spikes pointing out of the rear and has no Turrets. It is armed with four Medium Torpedoes, which are unique in appearance and also unique to the ship. Unlike most other Limited ships, it was built in the regular Frigate build menu.


The Blue Torp Wasp has no interior. The exterior is simply a reskinned wasp.


  • Carries four medium Torpedoes that do around 2,000 damage per volley.
  • Very small, making it difficult for Spinals and Turrets to hit it.
  • Cheap, costing 600 Credits total. Even most newbies could afford it.
  • Extremely fast turn speed.
  • Good for stealing kills with its ridiculous hull damage.


  • Low health makes it easy to kill.
  • Was only available for 24 hours, just like the Festive Wasp, Coal Wasp, and Disruptor (although the Disruptor was released again).
  • Was a Hidden event, Since there was a 24-hour time span in which most Public servers didn't get the update and never received this. You would have needed a private server to receive this.


  • Group up with more Blue Torp Wasps to unleash your Torpedo fury!
  • Never fight alone.

Version History

  • Removed from the build menu in version .66b (August 19, 2019).


  • The Blue Torp Wasp plays music when spawned. (Music created by Scrapduck.) Just like the Prototypes, Halloween Ship (deleted/Unavailable), Azreal, and Abaddon
  • Fire_Ninja77 was the first person to lose this ship. He lost it to Jordvis321.
  • Has custom Torpedoes.
  • Has its own cult dedicated to it.
  • The Wasp has been "remodeled", but the Blue Torp Wasp still has the old model of it. The only differences between the old Wasp and the Blue Torp Wasp are the Tiny layers on the back and the black part.
  • Just one of the 4 versions of the wasp to ever come out.
  • Was released again in the new "Limited Edition (Permits)" Build menu, in version .72f. It can be obtained for a E class permit (310k credits) + 60 Sillicate, 30 Carbon, 21 Iridium, 15 Adamantite, 14 Palladium, 13 Titanium, 13 Quantium, and 9 Uranium