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The Disruptor is the Kneall version of the Razor Wing, and was released following the hunt for the hidden Prototype X-3.


The Disruptor is an Alien redesign of the Razor Wing.

It comes equipped with 4 Kneall cannon-based weapons, instead of the usual loadout for the Razor Wing.

The Disruptor contains an impressive loadout of Spinals and Turrets, making it good for Pirating and engaging Capital Ships, as well as engaging Small Ships with it's flak turrets.

The Disruptor can be acquired by completing the quest at Frion, located by teleporting to the reactor, then the gardens and then "unknown". The quest requires 7.5k Silicate, 5k Carbon, 3k Iridium, 500 Adamantite, 500 Palladium, 500 Titanium, 500 Quantium, 500 Alien Parts, and 1 Disruptor thrust systems.


The Disruptor is an asymmetrical and small Battlecruiser. Unlike the Razor Wing. this variant has Kneall-themed colors.

The Interior is similar to the Razor Wing's interior. There is a pilot seat in the very front, and a long hallway with four corridors branching off of it.

It can sometimes be confusing to try and get out of the Disruptor, as all the doors look the same.


  • Great and Balanced DPS for a Battlecruiser, at 239.
  • The Turrets on top provide good defense while the Spinal loadout contains an even higher damage output.
  • Moves quick for a Battlecruiser and a top speed of 120.
  • Higher health than its Razor Wing counterpart.
  • Unlike other Kneall Ships, most of the Disruptor's turrets are accurate.


  • Has no form of defense underneath, making it high priority to keep the fight away from your underside.
  • Relies on spinals for much of its damage output, thus requiring good aim.
  • High Spinal count and long interval may make it difficult to engage small ships when using its Spinals.
  • Low health for a Limited ship.
  • Extremely expensive material cost for a Battlecruiser-class Ship, requiring 5000 Uranium.


  • With an excellent armament towards PvP, it's best intended for either finishing off a crippled ship in a swarm, or attacking an unsuspecting vessel.
  • Be extremely careful with this, as people will focus on you and go for the rare kill due to it having a Limited status and its expense.
  • The low health makes this an easy target for skilled players if not careful.

Version History

  • Added in .66b after the hunt for the Prototype X-3 (September 16th)
  • Spinals reduced from 7/7 to 6/6, minimap icon color changed to always be Alien-green in version .68e.
  • Spinals increased to 8/8 and re-released temporarily in version .69a2 (August 4th, 2020 through September 2nd, 2020).
  • Icon color changed to normal in an unknown version.
  • Made available again during the Kneall Event in version .75a10


  • Confirmed to be a pre-nerfed, original Razor Wing through its stats, with the exception of one missing Turret.
  • Mopy_B was the first to lose this ship to rayquazam8.
  • One of the only limited ships to be released thrice.
  • Used to be one of the only ships to require alien parts to make.
  • It is the only limited ship to be a Kneall redesign.
  • Re-released along with the Bionicle in Part 3 of the Kneall Event.