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The Hercules is a Freighter with the 5th highest cargo hold of all non-limited freighters currently in the game.


The Hercules is a trading ship that has a large cargo hold. It docks with the back of the ship facing the base, and the entrance is a semitransparent door in the back with a bridge leading to it. It has 4 engines on the back. There are 13 containers leading to the front of the ship.


The interior of the Hercules is contained inside a small room jutting up from the main ship body. Most of the interior is taken up by an empty hallway leading to the bridge. The bridge has three seats and a screen for each seat. The center seat is the pilot's seat.


  • The Hercules has a large cargo hold with 5000 cargo space, allowing a player to make large profits in a single run. It can also salvage multiple wrecks without having to dock before continuing to loot, depending on the wrecked ship.
  • This ship is great for transferring items into your Warehouse.
  • Decent amount of health.
  • Explosion Radius of 40
  • Fast for a freighter of its size, making it a great ship for looting wreckage fields.


  • The Hercules has a quite slow turn speed of 0.30, making it a bit of a process to aim towards wrecks and Starbases.
  • Pirates consider a Hercules a high-value target because they are slow and can be easy targets.
  • Despite its description, it can be destroyed by capable pilots.
  • Has dark tinted windows, making it difficult to aim for a precise warp sometimes.


  • Make sure to trade in a Faction that is in no Wars and has strong allies. If there are none, go to a new server. If all servers have Wars, try your best to be safe.
  • Go to the Mega Base when it is safe. Always check your route if you're in a War, there might be a pirate waiting for you.
  • Check how far away the closest Alien is and where it is heading to.
  • Make sure to retreat to the nearest ally base if a war is declared on your faction.
  • You could use this to vulture swiftly and get out before pirates can get to you.

Version History

  • The Hercules has had 3 remodels during its existence. The 1st and 2nd ones were the most similar, having the same fish-like design.
  • Buffed in .65b - Shield increased from 1500 to 2000, Cargo Hold increased from 1500 to 2750, price increased significantly. Also received a remodel.
  • Speed increased in unknown version - from 65 studs a second to 80 studs a second.
  • Price increased in .75a5 - from Silicate: 965, Carbon: 596, Iridium: 245, to Silicate: 3365, Carbon: 1846, Iridium: 1295.
  • The cargo hold was increased by 500, from 2,500 to 3,000 in version .75a10.


  • The old Hercules' bottom floor was large enough to contain a small fighter.
  • Its old design is based on the Hercules from StarCraft II.
  • Prior to the remodel, the Hercules had a small secret compartment in the entrance to the ship. This may have been a homage to the secret compartment in the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars.
  • This can give you a profit of 1350 if you buy a full cargo hold of silicate 5 credits per ore and sell it at the Mega Base.
  • This ship has two limited variants, the Patriotic Hercules, released during the Fourth of July Event 2018 and the Retro Hercules, released during the Retro Ship Event 2019.
    Old Hercules model