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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

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The Onslaught is a Limited Battleship that is a reconstruction of a Punisher from salvaged parts.


The Onslaught is a powerful Kneall-themed battleship. It's Quest requires 15k Silicate, 10k Carbon, 7.5k Iridium, 1k Adamantite, 1k Palladium, 1k Titanium, 1k Quantium, and 1 Punisher Weapon Salvage.


The ship is a bright yellow and white playable version of the Alien Punisher's old model. There is no interior. There is only a seat below the big bulb.


  • Large Cargo Hold for a battleship.
  • Custom rapid firing laser and railgun turrets gives this ship the highest turret-based damage output of any battleship.
  • High speed and maneuverability for a battleship.
  • Small frontal and rear profile means that any inaccurate armament will have a difficult time hitting the ship, as long as it is pointed towards or away from the attacker.
  • Decently balanced health pool of 19,000 HP.


  • Limited classification means this ship will be targeted often by other players or pirates seeking to destroy high-value ships.
  • Requires pointing directly at your target for all turrets to have a good line of sight.
  • Costed 200,000 credits, which is expensive (for a battleship); but not as expensive as many other limited battleships or advanced battleships.
  • Effective range is greatly limited by the laser turrets, as they have far less range than the railguns.


  • Support a fleet in Sieging a Starbase by utilizing the long range on your turrets, which is enough to keep you out of range of short-ranged weaponry or AA defenses.
  • Chase down and destroy crippled dreadnoughts, that in most cases lack the accurate armament necessary to fend you off.
  • Use the lasers to harass smaller or faster ships (like the Constantine), as they are fairly accurate for the amount of damage they output.

Version History

  • Implemented in version .75a(which patch number of .75a?).
  • Model updated .75a12
  • 4 Salavaged Multilaser turrets changed to 8 Salvaged Lasers and 2 Salvaged Railguns .75a12
  • Spinals (4 Large Cannons) removed .75a12
  • Turrets nerfed (4.8k range, less accuracy) .75a12
  • Speed 145 ----> 110 .75a12
  • Explosion size 200 ----> 420 .75a12


  • Within the first 24 hours of its release, 5 people had lost the Onslaught, those people being poopbudy200, luhmeka, Luigi_isawsome, kaleb2056, and universalboy180.
  • The first person to destroy another ship with the Onslaught was Quanterox, claiming poopbudy200's Onslaught.
  • The quest to obtain the Onslaught was originally only available for completion once.