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NPC Ship

This ship is unobtainable and can only be used by NPCs.

The Outrider is an Alien AI ship with an array of turret and spinal-based weaponry.


The Outrider is an enemy AI ship that was first added as part of the Kneall fleet added in the Alien AI update, along with a few others (like the Bruiser and Scout). It is the Alien equivalent of a Cruiser.


Outriders behave almost the same as Swarmers. They tend to stay around 3 to 3.5k studs from whatever they are attacking and may move below Ships to maintain turret line of sight.

When the Kneall Fleet is spawned, Outriders are spawned with it. They will always answer a Punisher's call for help once spawned. They will scatter once the target they have been called to is destroyed.

Just like all other Aliens, swarms of Outriders are easily able to destroy Starbases, even the most defended. They are not to be underestimated in a 1 versus 1 fight, as they can destroy the strongest cruisers, and even some weak Battlecruisers. Do not underestimate their insane weapon range compared to similarly classed player ships.


Due to having cruiser size, they are best fought off using Ships with high accuracy turrets.

Their size also allows players to try and brute force the kill with a battlecruiser or battleship, as high accuracy weapons aren't necessary.


Outrider wrecks give 50 Alien Parts.

Version History

  • Renamed from Kneall Outrider to Outrider in version .69d2


  • Images of this ship could be found months before the update in the Discord's ship building hangar, and much earlier on the Mega Base's monitors for news broadcasts.
  • You can see the remains of a crashed Kneall outrider near the remains of U.N.E. Base 12.
  • The Outrider looks like the Specter from Galaxy on Fire 2.
  • There can only be 5 Outriders spawned in a server at any time.