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The Raptor is the signature Fighter of the Carrier-class ship Warlord.


The Raptor is a fast and well-armed fighter similar to the Fury. It has both Cannon and Phaser Spinals. It's a streamlined version of the fury but with better weapons and speed.


The Raptor has no interior. Like all Fighters, the cockpit is only barely large enough to surround most of the player.


  • Fast Spinal reload time.
  • Fast enough to easily evade fire.
  • Great for diving crippled ships.


  • Low health.
  • Large for a Fighter, making it easier to hit at low speeds.


  • Fly into a ship's blind spot and use your Spinals to inflict damage.
  • Use your speed to making strafing runs on your target while dodging incoming fire.
  • Make sure to assist your fleet by defending against smaller Ships or by pestering larger ones.
  • Stay close to your fleet's ships or with a group of other Fighters; never go out on your own.

Version History

  • No logged changes.


  • Basically a streamlined version of the Fury with more Spinal firepower.
  • The name "Raptor" comes from the prehistoric dinosaur the Velociraptor. Raptors were pack hunters, meaning they hunted things together.
  • The Raptor is exclusive to the Warlord.
  • The armament is only a tiny bit worse than the Banshee, a cruiser which costs 3,500; meaning that this is a very strong fighter.