Retro Prototype X-1

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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed.

Incomplete Images

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The Retro Prototype X-1 is a Retro Variant of the Prototype X-1.


The Retro Prototype X-1 is a "test dreadnought" based off of the Prototype X-1. It is currently not for sale, or otherwise the method of obtaining it has not been discovered.




  • High turret count with an armament well-equipped for Sieges.
  • Powerful Spinals.
  • Health is well-balanced and has a rather high overall total for a Dreadnought.
  • ?


  • Rather slow with low maneuverability.
  • Inaccurate Turrets makes fighting smaller, faster Ships harder.
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  • ?

Version History

  • No logged changes.


  • Was marked as "released" in the Update Log but is currently unobtainable(?)
  • Had more health than the Theia