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The Prospector is a light Freighter with a focus on Hull health.


The Prospector is a Freighter-Class ship that has the fifth highest cargo capacity for its class. It is slightly faster than the Hercules, making it a good choice for traders who want a faster ship as a backup for the Hercules.


The Prospector is entered through a metal door on the back that leads to a larger room. To the left of the entrance is a set of three crates, a bed, and a small nightstand with a decal and lamp on it. Stairs to the right of the bed lead up to a bridge with a decorated pilot's seat and three yellow screens.


  • Faster than the Hercules.
  • 6th largest Cargo Hold of all Freighters.
  • A good choice for those that like to trade safely, as smaller Freighters are targeted less often.


  • Somewhat slow.
  • A target for Pirates.
  • Low health for its price.


  • Make sure to trade in a neutral Faction that hopefully has strong allies. If there are none, go to a new server. If all servers have Factions all at War, try Trading close to the Mega Base instead.
  • Go to the Mega Base when it is safe. Always check your route if you're in a war. There might be a Pirate or two waiting for you.
  • Check how far away the closest Alien is and where it is heading.

Version History

  • Received buffs in .61e4 that doubled Hull and Shields, and gave the ship some damage resistance.
  • Buffed in .65b - Shield increased from 700 to 1200, Hull increased from 1050 to 1500, Cargo Hold increased from 1000 to 1750, price increased somewhat. Also received a remodel.
  • In version .75a10, the ship was put offsale.
  • Unretired in version .76d


  • You can make back what you spent buying this ship quickly by Trading.
Oldest Prospector Model
  • Originally called The Crowbar.
  • The description is a reference towards the first model of the ship.
  • Has a limited, stronger, and more expensive version, the Clauspector.
  • The Prospector looks like a smaller version of the Prepravca.
  • Originally, the Prospector was the largest ship in the game until it was dethroned by the Hercules.