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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

The Sanguine was the original Fighter found in the Sakala.


The Sanguine is a large and powerful Fighter with a well-decorated interior, previously spawned only in the Sakala. Though it is technically a fighter by its reliance on Carriers for deployment and warp capabilities, it has the health and firepower of a Cruiser or Battlecruiser class warship.




  • Very high firepower for a Fighter.
  • High health for a Fighter.
  • Good assortment of Turrets.
  • No blind spots.
  • Can take on Battlecruisers and below if both are deployed.


  • The slowest Fighter, having 40 less top speed than the Elanis and Harbinger.
  • Poor maneuverability, especially for a Fighter.
  • Large for a Fighter and easy to hit (It is the size of a cruiser).


  • Can be used to support a fleet, but can't hold its own in a fight.
  • Good against Frigates or other Fighters smaller than it, but is unable to combat larger ships on its own.
  • Use in swarms and with other ships to create a powerful force.

Version History

  • Received a nerf to its shield health in version ???
  • Received a "retro" remodel inspired by the Gargoyle from Star Conflict in version .64c.
  • The Sakala's fighters were replaced with Firehawks in .65a, making this ship unavailable to normal players.


  • In order to exit the Sakala's original hangar, this fighter needed to drop downwards.
  • An old sanguine in the hangar of the original Sakala model.
    The ship does not change color to indicate your team as all others do. Instead, it always remains a glowing golden.
  • The old model had a ladder on the side of the ship that is necessary to enter it while docked in the hangar. It shared much in common with the destroyer-class Chimera.
  • Large for its class.