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The Tempura is a light Freighter.


The Tempura is a cheap and small Freighter with triple the Cargo Hold of the starter trade ship, the Wyrm. It is useful for cheap trading and scavenging. Its relatively high maneuverability makes it good for looting and escaping, though its health is rather low.


The Tempura's interior is quite large for a Freighter its size. The entrance contains the cockpit with a control panel and doorway to the engine room, which has assorted boxes and the engine.


  • Easy to obtain.
  • Moderate Speed.
  • Better than the Wyrm across nearly all stats.
  • Very cheap.


  • Low Cargo Hold in comparison to other Freighters.
  • Low Hull and Shields, making it easy to destroy.


  • It is recommended that you get this after the Wyrm, however, you can also choose to skip this in favor of Argonaut due to its higher capacity for a negligible speed decrease.
  • Make sure to trade in a Faction that is in no wars and has strong allies. If there are none, go to a new server. If all servers have Wars, try your best to be safe.
  • Go to the Mega Base when it is safe. Always check your route if you're in a war. There might be a Pirate waiting for you.
  • Check how far away the closest Alien is and where it is heading.
  • Go to high-ore wrecks and head to Mega Base or your base for a good profit.

Version History

  • Received a buff in .61e4 that doubled Hull and Shields and gave the ship some damage resistance.
  • Cargo Hold buffed in .65b from 500 to 750, price increased slightly.


  • In etymology, the Tempura is named after a Japanese seafood dish and is also another name for the "Prawn".
  • Duck Blox's remodel was live for 10 minutes before it was reverted.
    Old Tempura Model