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The Avenger is a fast and powerful Frigate.


A classic Pre-Alpha frigate. The Avenger is a small ship with high maneuverability, making it great for hit and run attacks.


The interior of the Avenger is mostly empty. There is a small cockpit in the front that contains a couple screens and a chair.


  • Very fast.
  • Great ship for beginners.
  • Spinals are specialized against Shields and reload fast.
  • Decent Turret firepower for a Frigate.
  • Overall relatively high shield damage.


  • Poor damage against Hull.
  • One of the more costly frigates.
  • Exact same DPS as the Starblade, but costs twice as much.
  • Slow turn speed


  • Support larger ships like the Inquisitor by shredding the enemy's shield, then running when they get hulled.
  • Team up with an Abyss to deal some damage on Cruisers and Battlecruisers. You shred the shield, the Abyss shreds the hull.

Version History

  • Received a buff in version .61g adding the two Turrets.
  • Received a remodel in update ????


  • The Avenger was one of the first few ships in the game.
  • The Avenger had a bathroom at one point.
  • The Avenger is used by Pirates near the Freedom Base.
  • The Avenger was originally going to have a Small Turret on top of it, but it got removed. Later on, it received 2.
  • The example ship submission in Roblox Studio uses the original Avenger model with the Small Turret.
  • Before the old remodel, Avenger was based on a conceptual UNSC fighter from halo that was never implemented.
  • Despite the Avenger's description saying it's cheap, it's one of the more expensive ships of its class.
    Original Avenger Model