Stealth Recon

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Stealth Ship

This ship is a Stealth Ship. It is an extremely fast, low health ship that has stealth technology, making the ship appear transparent and its icon invisible on the minimap.

The Stealth Recon is a stealth destroyer that is the smallest ship to be equipped with a sniper turret.


The Stealth Recon is the smallest stealth ship in the game. It is extremely fast and is equipped with a sniper turret.

This ship excels at being a support ship for Sieges and Fleet battles due to its long range turret and torpedo, as well as having high alpha damage for its class. Being in its name, it is also good at reconnaissance of enemy fleets due to its fast speed and invisibility on the minimap.


The Stealth Recon is a Stealth Ship, making it's model appear transparent, being nearly invisible in plain sight. The shape of the ship looks similar to Halo Ships with a long, detailed and slim model. The sniper turret under the ship is extremely large and half the size of the ship.

There is no interior, it is simply a seat that can be accessed from a hatch on top of the ship.


  • High alpha damage, despite only being a destroyer.
  • Extremely long range with the spinals and turret.
  • Extremely fast, small size, along with its transparency allows it to evade incoming fire.
  • Cannot be seen on the Minimap because it is a Stealth Ship.
  • Lowest detection range of any ship in game.


  • Very small total health pool for a Destroyer
  • Its torpedo, which is its only source of hull-based damage, is difficult to aim.
  • Can be easily hit by point-defense turrets, such as PDLs and Flaks.
  • Slow acceleration for its top speed.
  • Rather sluggish.
  • Sniper turret has a long reload time.
  • Non-existent cargo hold.
  • Expensive for its class, requiring 2 Stealth Plating to build.


  • Use this ship to harass larger ships with heavy weaponry, such as the Judgement, or to lead AI ships away from firing at your base.
  • Avoid ships such as the Hyron, which are primarily point-defense based, and can somewhat match your speed to keep in range. As well as this, be cautious around heavy point-defense ships such as the Ampharos or Tempest.
  • With its low detection range and invisibility from the minimap, this ship can be used in its namesake, for reconnaissance.
  • Make sure to never stop moving, as a ship, whether AI controlled or piloted by a player, could easily destroy you in a single volley. If not in immediate danger, slow down slightly to help your sniper turret's accuracy, but never completely stop.
  • Use in swarms to slowly yet effectively siege enemy planets or Starbases by utilizing the sniper turret's long range of 7,000 studs.
  • Whenever you must make an escape from combat; Warp far into empty space (but not near the map borders) to make your position unpredictable to any enemies that may try to chase you. Note that this strategy may not work well if there is a spy on your team.

Version History

  • Gained a second tiny torpedo in version .75a5


  • The first player to lose the Stealth Recon was its_loqz, to a Dissonance.
  • The first ship to ever be equipped with a sniper turret.
  • Was removed from the game for 2 hours because yname couldnt make up his mind.
  • Currently shares a non-stealth version of its model with the Meteor.