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The Stealth Recon is a stealth destroyer that is the smallest ship to be equipped with a sniper turret.


The Stealth Recon is the smallest stealth ship in the game. It is extremely fast and is equipped with a sniper turret.


There is no interior, it is simply a seat that can be accessed from a hatch on top of the ship.


  • High alpha damage, despite only being a destroyer.
  • Extremely long range.
  • One of the fastest ships in game.
  • Cannot be seen on the minimap because it is a stealth ship
  • Lowest detection range of any ship in game.


  • Very small total health pool.
  • Its torpedo, which is its only source of hull-based damage, is difficult to aim.
  • Can be easily hit by point-defense turrets, such as PDLs and Flaks.
  • Sniper turret has a long reload time.
  • Non-existent cargo hold.
  • Expensive for its class, also requiring 2 Stealth Plating to build.


  • Use this ship to harass larger ships with heavy weaponry, such as the Judgement, or to lead AI ships away from firing at your base.
  • Avoid ships such as the Hyron, which are primarily point-defense based, and can somewhat match your speed to keep in range. As well as this, be cautious around heavy point-defense ships such as the Ampharos or Tempest.
  • Make sure to never stop moving, as a ship, whether AI controlled or piloted by a player, could easily destroy you in a single volley. If not in immediate danger, slow down slightly to help your sniper turret's accuracy, but never completely stop.
  • Use in swarms to slowly yet effectively siege enemy planets or Starbases by utilizing the sniper turret's long range of 10,000 studs.

Version History

  • No logged changes(?)
  • Gained a second tiny torpedo in version .75a5


  • The first player to lose the Stealth Recon was its_loqz, to a Dissonance.
  • The first ship to ever be equipped with a sniper turret.