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This page is about the format that should be followed when creating/editing pages any types of entities in Galaxy. Please view the bottom of the page for the respective available formatting policies for specific entity types. However, if you have not already done so: please read the Terms of Service, as this is not a replacement for that.

Note: The formatting policy may be subject to change. Please check this page every now and then to see if there are any changes.

Basic Editing Do's and Don'ts

  • Do proofread your edits before you publish them.
  • Don't put inaccurate or unverified information on a page unless otherwise noted with a question mark (?). In the case of unverified information, please include the Citation needed template, or otherwise include it on pages where you see unverified information (e.g. a clan page having an unverified carnage claim).
  • Do contact Galaxypedia Staff if you encounter a problem while editing or have any questions.
  • Don't start or intervene in hostile arguments on discussion pages. If you do see such a thing happening, contact Galaxypedia staff right away.
  • Don't use abbreviations when editing pages, as it can confuse newer/less experienced readers who do not know what said abbreviations mean (e.g. "DPS" being short for "Damage-Per-Second", "LoS" being short for "Line of Sight", etc). Instead, use phrasing that will be clearer to all readers (examples: substitute in "damage output" for "DPS", "line of sight" for "LoS", etc).

This goes without saying, but never put your personal opinions on any informational (any non-discussion) page! The Galaxypedia's informational pages serve only as an article of information from which the reader is able to make their own decisions and conclusions based on the information; not articles holding opinionated information which then spreads the personal bias to others. This is also stated in the Galaxypedia Terms of Service: General Editing Guidelines. An example of subjective information: "The Zhen, while powerful, is more expensive than your average dreadnought. You would be better off buying a dreadnought instead." The example is a piece of subjective information, because it presents a piece of opinionated information to the reader; stating a conclusion that cannot proven to be true or false and as such is debatable (belongs in a discussion page). There is plenty more examples, but this should give you the gist.

The only time you may put subjective information on a page is if it is acceptable within the editing format used for the type of page or related to the article topic, and there is some type of clearly visible disclaimer stating that the information is subjective. If you are unsure whether or not you can put subjective information on a page, do not hesitate to contact Galaxypedia Staff.

Need help getting familiar with the source editor?

Visit the MediaWiki Editing Help page to get started, or contact Galaxypedia Staff.

Formatting Policies

Player/Clan Biography Guidelines

This applies to both the Clan/Player Factions and Player Biographies formatting policies, but please keep in mind the guidelines below:

  • Approach the player/clan with an empty mind and complete lack of bias.
  • Put aside opinions when writing, and go off of facts alone.
  • Avoid using speculation & anecdotes to write the biography.
  • Avoid generalizing ("The most popular clan in Galaxy") unless it can be proven with evidence (Graph or table with the members of other clans as we know it), and avoid comparing ("Unlike other clans") unless your claim can be proven with evidence (Prove that somehow this behavior is exclusive to the clan and no other ones).
  • Do not add unnecessary comments in your biography ("He thought he could kill my orca LOL").
  • Avoid listing individual names ("X left the clan, presumably to join Y"), unless it is very important to the clan's history.
  • Avoid speculating (making assumptions).
  • Try to cite whatever you can with proper evidence. See MediaWiki Help:Cite for information on utilizing citations on the Galaxypedia. Also see the following: