Black Scarab

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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed.

The Black Scarab is a powerful event Dreadnought from phase two of the Halloween Event 2020.


The Black Scarab is a pirate-themed Dreadnought given as a quest reward during the Halloween Event 2020. It is rather unique among ships in that it is themed after a traditional sea-based vessel rather than a spaceship, as evidenced by its deck, mast, and the ram positioned below the bow. Otherwise, its theming is largely black and red, with smokestacks positioned to the rear of the ship and large banks of thrusters attached to the bottom left and right sides. Pipes can also be seen running along the sides of the ship above a set of smaller fins.


The Black Scarab has a semi-full interior that contains a passageway to and from the AA guns and the entrance, leading up into the helm of the ship. The helm of the ship is very basic with wood paneling, a seat, and a steering column that overlooks the front of the ship.


  • One of the fastest Dreadnoughts.
  • Turn Speed equivalent to the Andromeda.
  • Its Pirate AAs can easily fend off smaller ships.
  • The Turrets do massive damage to shields; relatively short cooldown with great accuracy.
  • Massive total DPS of 533 combined (375 turret dps and 175 spinal dps).


  • Very expensive.
  • Even though a level 14 warehouse is required, you'll need to obtain 500 Gamma Pumpkins and 5 Void Pumpkins.
  • This ship has a very large blind spot underneath, which small ships are going to exploit.
  • The Pirate AAs only have 3000 range, so small ships can use their small profile at a long range to avoid shots.
  • The positioning of the camera is very odd: the farthest behind you can look is about 3/4s of the way to the back of the ship; the smokestacks will often block a straight-on view making it hard to warp and orient for combat.
  • Smallest cargo hold out of all Dreadnoughts, with only a meagre 3.
  • Firing all Turrets at once requires the ship to be in a very awkward position.


  • This ship is best used when broadsiding or from firing below to allow the usage of all turrets. Despite it having 4 Huge Phasers, they don't fit the playstyle of the ship well.

Version History

  • Added teleporters in version .69d


  • The total DPS of this ship used to surpass both the Prototype X-1 and X-2 pre super-capital rerelease update.
  • The only Dreadnought to resemble a boat more than a spaceship.
  • The first person to lose this ship first was thedante6 to abc123austinp on 10/30/2020.