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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed.

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The Incarnate is an event Dreadnought from phase three of the Halloween Event 2020.


The Incarnate is a powerful event Dreadnought able to decimate any ships of its class and lower that dares to take on this ship.


Not much in the way of an interior simply a teleporter pad very close to the driver seat.


  • Very high DPS for a Dreadnought.
  • Incredibly high alpha damage. 1770 to Shields and 2359 to Hull.
  • High damage to Hull.
  • Overall high mobility for its class
  • A combined total health of 14,666 means it can tank damage quite well.
  • High turret range of 8000 studs.
  • Rather high cargo hold for a Dreadnought.


  • Ridiculously expensive, costing at a minimum of $1,184,800 credits if you include the pumpkins.
  • Was only available during the Halloween Event 2020 and can only be obtained again through use of a C Class Permit.
  • Terrible accuracy making this only useful for killing battleships-or-above or destroying a base.
  • Weak against smaller/faster ships.


  • Use this ship only against bigger ships.
  • Make sure to check the map/leaderboard once in awhile while using this ship to watch out for raids to kill your ship; limited dreadnoughts are both a blessing of a powerful ship and a curse of trophy hunting.

Version History

  • 2 Huge Cannons removed in version .70b2.
  • Reverted the Huge Cannon amount back to 4 in version .72d.
  • Spinals split from single 4-barrel Huge Cannon to dual 2-barrel Huge Cannons in version .72f1


  • The first person to lose this was dragonoffire107 to GodrevyD's Incarnate.
  • There are Kneall letters which translates to "UNE08 CORRUPTED"
  • There are multiple U.N.E flags all over the ship.
  • Even though it was a quest ship, it could be obtained multiple times unlike single-time ships like the Obliterator or Nautilus.