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Not to be confused with the Cruiser-class Instigator-A.

The Instigator is a Fighter that spawns on the Nimitz.


The Instigator is a one of the three Fighter variants that spawns on the Nimitz, the other being the Foxfire and Interceptor F.


The Instigator features two large barrels at the midsection of the ship, which is where it's 4 Medium Cannons fire from. The rear end of the ship also raises up a bit, which is where its Light Cannon sits. The Instigator has an almost identical appearance to the Instigator-A, bar the color.

The Interior of the Instigator contains nothing more than the pilot's seat, which is situated in front of three glowing panels.



  • Large, making it easy to hit with heavier weapons.
  • Low Shield damage.
  • Non existent Damage resistance of 0%.


  • Focus your weapons on hulled ships to deal as much damage as possible.
  • Utilize drifting and hit-and-run tactic to survive as long as possible while dealing the maximum amount of damage.
  • Avoid attacking any ship that can take down fighters easily, such as the Ampharos or the Mjolheimr.

Version History

  • Removed from the Nimitz in an unknown version.
  • Nimitz remodel reverted, making this ship playable again in an unknown version.