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Not to be confused with the Nixesion, a fighter from the Nyx.

The Nyxesion is a Fighter unique to the Retro Nyx.


The Nyxesion uses the old model of the Nixesion, however it has modified stats compared to the mentioned ship.


The Nyxesion is a small fighter that bears a resemblance to the Dragonfly, with 4 wings on the back.

Like all fighter class ships, the Nyxesion has little in the way of an Interior.


  • Spinal DPS of 102 can lead to a monstrous DPS of 1160 when all fighters are used.
  • Like with most fighters, small size.
  • Balanced Shield and Hull firepower.
  • Easy to control since it moves slow enough for the pilot to react.
  • A couple of Nyxesions can destroy a Level 1, 2 and even a level 3 or 4 Starbase if undefended.
  • Effective when used to swarm large Battleships, Dreadnoughts, and Carriers.
  • Just 2-3 can deal more damage than most Dreadnoughts


  • Somewhat slow for a fighter, still faster than the Nixesion though.
  • Can be shot down easily by Light Turrets.
  • No Turrets.


  • Group together with your other Nyxesions, as all 12 in a swarm can bring as much destruction as a Prototype ship.
  • Focus on swarming and destroying AA ships like the Ampharos or Hyron first, as they will shred you if left alone.
  • Use the ship's high maneuverability to get into the blind spots of larger ships and deal heavy spinal damage.

Version History

  • Added to the game on version .73a3 along with the carrier that contains these ships.
  • Name changed from Retro Nixesion to Nyxesion in version .75a1.
  • Cannon and Phaser intervals changed from 0.15 --> 0.20 in an unknown version


  • Has the most fighter count in a single carrier in the game at 12, tied with Bonehawks.
  • Has an even older model older than it's current model, which the Spirit also uses.
Nyxesion's first model