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The Nyxesion is a Fighter unique to the Retro Nyx.


The Nyxesion is basically the old model of the Nixesion, however it is somewhat faster, has less health, has higher acceleration, higher turn speed and somewhat modified spinal loadout.


Like all fighter class ships, the Nyxesion has little in the way of an interior.


  • Spinal DPS of 219 can lead to a monstrous DPS of 2628 when all fighters are used.
  • Like with most fighters, small size.
  • Decent durability.
  • Has two weapon types, allowing it to be effective no matter the situation.
  • Easy to control since it moves slow enough for the pilot to react.
  • A couple of Nyxesion can destroy a Level 1, 2 and even a level 3 or 4 Starbase if undefended.
  • Effective when used to swarm large Battleships, Dreadnoughts, and Carriers.
  • Just 2-3 can deal more damage than most Dreadnoughts


  • Somewhat slow for a fighter, still faster than the Nixesion though.
  • Can be shot down easily by Light Turrets.
  • Can be out-ranged.
  • No Turrets.


Version History

  • Added to the game on version .73a3 along with the carrier that contains these ships.
  • Name changed from Retro Nixesion to Nyxesion in version .75a1.
  • Cannon and Phaser intervals changed from 0.15 --> 0.20